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Parking lots are everywhere now, they are needed space for customers and employees. It is more than just a place for people to leave their cars. When people do leave their vehicles they expect that it will be safe and secure. Parking lots do provide a customer experience, they can also be an addition to business, doing something such as paid parking. But heavy parking lot usage can make the parking lots look damaged. Not to mention that when different materials stay stagnant for long on it. 

Hard surfaces go through deterioration. That includes asphalt and concrete, which are the top two choices when it comes to parking lot paving. While choosing to use asphalt to pave parking lots, driveways, and other areas of the home and commercial buildings, there are some problems with using asphalt.

Problems with Asphalt

Asphalt receives different types of cracking, most of which are caused by sub-standard techniques in construction. When you leave these cracks unattended, they will surely worsen and cause dangers not only for vehicles but also for pedestrians. Here are some examples of some damages that asphalt may display:

  • Blocked cracking takes place when the asphalt surface shrinks and expands through different temperature changes. Cracks like this result in larger rectangular cracks that will break over time. This will leave holes in the parking lot of pavement.
  • Fatigue cracking happens when a heavy load is put on the surface of an asphalt-paved parking lot. This damage looks like small cracks that grow and are connected all together, which results in bigger cracks that eventually break the asphalt into blocks.
  • Edges crack when the asphalt surface was done with missing support along the edges. These cracks will slowly spread across the entire surface.

Asphalt surface distorts over time also but quicker when it is done with weak layers, or when the asphalt materials were not mixed the right way. That is when the asphalt becomes prone to damage and distortion. Just like with cracks, distortion presents the danger of people and vehicles possibly tripping on the bumps on the road. The road will become unsafe because of the distortion of asphalt. 

  • Depressions, or unequal surface, in your parking lot are caused by poor curing or compaction during the construction of the asphalt. This kind of damage has the potential to cause dangerous spots that hold water that may cause holes in the lot. Water damage will quickly affect the structural integrity of the road or parking lot.
  • Rutting asphalt is caused by improper compaction in the mixture when it was initially laid down. This type of damage creates lines on the wheel path of vehicles that pass through.
  • Shoving is another type of distortion of the asphalt pavement that can weaken the parking lot surface. It is evidenced by ripples that are forming on the lot.


Disintegration is a type of damage that happens on asphalt surfaces that are caused by poor construction, leaving inappropriate substances on the surfaces, combined with heavy traffic. Potholes are the most common manifestation of disintegration. It starts when small pieces of asphalt break off of the surface. When they worsen, it presents a tripping hazard for people, and surely a driving hazard for many motorists. Small holes on the surface allow for water to damage the parking lot. 

Parking lots are only of value when they are not damaged. Anything less than a parking lot or pavement in tip-top shape will eventually become an empty, useless property. When you understand the damage that can happen on asphalt, you will greatly consider a viable alternative that will improve your parking lot’s usefulness.

Choose concrete

The recent advancements and discoveries pushed for the usage of concrete for parking lots and many other roadworks. Concrete is a man-made material that uses a combination of water, rocks, and limestone. It is a simple formula. It is arguably the most commonly used material in the world. Here are some reasons why concrete is the ideal construction material.

It is resilient. Concrete is resistant to corrosion. Corrosion can be caused by rot or rust. Concrete will not be affected by natural elements such as harsh winds or rain, even fires. By using concrete you ensure that your parking lot or property can withstand typical wear and tear in a better fashion.

Concrete is versatile. That means it is easy to form and shape into whatever shape you want. Besides using concrete for surfaces, it can also be used to form blocks and speed bumps. 

Concrete is eco-friendly. Concrete uses minimal energy, from its creation to maintenance. The concrete surface, when finished, helps reduce fuel consumption. 

Parking lots are important places to safely and securely leave vehicles. While asphalt is the popular choice for pavements, concrete has better qualities and provides the durability, resiliency, and versatility that is needed for parking lots and properties to last longer. If you are looking for a concrete contractor, the experts at Atlanta Driveway Repair can make sure you get the best deal. Call us today at (404) 882-5625.