Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

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Putting up a concrete retaining wall can sound like a big deal. After all, what could you need a solid concrete wall on your property for? The truth is, there are a number of uses and benefits to having a concrete retaining wall that you might not be aware of. Not only that, but the process isn’t nearly as impossible as you might think, at least when you hire the professionals at Atlanta Driveway Repair. 

We can give you a free estimate and come out and survey your property to understand your needs. Once we’ve done an initial inspection, we can determine the right size and shape-retaining wall for just what you need to be done. There’s no need to worry about the size and scope of the project, we can handle everything from start to finish. Best of all, concrete retaining walls are rated to last anywhere from 50 to 100 years with proper maintenance. This means once it’s up, you won’t have to worry about it again for the life of your home. 

Not sure if you need a retaining wall? We’ll break down some uses of retaining walls and how they can benefit your property. 


Why Build a Retaining Wall


There is a whole range of issues that a retaining wall can be used to treat and prevent. If you value the safety of your home above all else, then a retaining wall is for you. 

For one, retaining walls are a statement piece for any property. They add that little something extra that makes your home and property stand apart from your neighbors, even if they have retaining walls, too, we can make yours look as unique as you want. 

Beyond the aesthetic benefit, there are many practical uses as well. 

A retaining wall is an ultimate way to preserve the ground under your feet and prevent soil erosion. Placing a retaining wall in an area where the soil is loose and prone to weakening and washing away at the slightest rain will allow you to feel safe and secure that you won’t be slowly losing your property. Retaining walls can prevent natural erosion as well as the formation of sinkholes which can come about from soil degradation and cause serious or even catastrophic damage to your home and property. Stories have come out that sinkholes have swallowed entire halves of homes due to poor soil quality and erosion. 

If you value your safety, then a retaining wall is the right choice. 

Flooding is another issue that can sometimes plague homes. A retaining wall in a low-lying area can help to prevent water from pooling around your home and save you thousands of dollars in damages, lost property, and, worst of all, the potential for mold. Retaining walls can act as dams to prevent flooding or can be placed along trenches to divert water away from the home completely. This option is much safer and cheaper than trying to move the earth to dig your way out of a low spot. 

As if that weren’t enough, another benefit of a retaining wall is the reduction of noise. A solid concrete wall acts as a sizable buffer between you and your neighbors or that busy road traffic. This can make living in your home much more comfortable and peaceful than having to hear cars going by all the time. It’s your space. You should be able to enjoy it. 


Still Not Sure? Call us


If you still don’t know if you have a use for a concrete retaining wall, call us for a free estimate, and we’ll see what we can do for you and your property. If a retaining wall can save you from one flood or an unfortunate accident, then it’s worth the investment. 

We’re sure that you’ll enjoy your wall once you see how great it looks. Don’t wait. Contact us today.