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Concrete driveways are designed to be durable and strong, lasting for many years. However, its lifespan can be drastically reduced because of the constant wear and tear from vehicles and the weather. Water, significant weights, and drastic temperature changes can produce damage that gets water into small cracks and make them larger. These require a dressing immediately, but some of these issues may not require extensive repairs or replacements to your driveway. The most cost-effective option for you could be to have concrete patches.

Professionals at Atlanta Driveway Repair can help you determine which services you may need to address the issues on your driveway. You need to understand these issues before making a decision. That is why we will work with you so that you stay well informed about your driveway, and you can choose the services that best cost-effectively address your problem. We understand that you place great value on your property, and we would like to help you keep your property safe and secure for a long time to come.

Extensive damage to your property can come from small changes. We will work so that you are well informed about the small issues that your driveway has now, or recommend better measures to address the larger issues that are already found. These issues can be caused by a wide variety of reasons which include:

A Wrong Concrete Mixture. During the installation of your driveway, information may not have been enough to provide a better outlook about what your concrete pavement was for. Concrete mixtures differ between purposes. Concrete structures that are designed for pedestrian and light vehicle use may not take heavier duty loads and begin to show damage after only a few uses. It’s important for your contractor to understand how you are planning to use your concrete so that we can better prepare and address issues that may arise later.

Extreme weather. Heavy storms and other significant weather events could lead to extensive damage to your concrete properties. Water damage is particularly concerning because water can seep into even small cracks and make them wider over time if left unaddressed. It is important to keep water out of the central structure of the concrete so that problems do not arise in the future. If there are small cracks or holes where water can reach, it is important to seal them up before the rains come so that they don’t become larger problems.

Improper installation. Driveway installation is a large and complex process that requires a team of experts. Some installations may not have been properly done, and this could produce the damages that you see today. It is important to work with professionals to address these issues before injury or damage to other parts of your property.

Subgrade materials below the concrete surface. There are certain preparations to take care of before concrete is poured into a construction project. on a driveway, materials that are installed below the country’s surface are particularly important so that it supports the load that is supposed to. Using the wrong materials or using defective materials increases the risk of damage significantly and would add to your costs of maintenance in the future.

An excellent option to address the small problems that may arise from the damages that you see can be concrete batching. Concrete patching allows us to address the worst damage on your driveway by patching it up with superior quality products that are generally unavailable on the market. Concrete patching fills up small cracks and holes that do not initially appear structurally dangerous.

Concrete patches seal your driveway with a complex network that keeps or structures safe and secure for the foreseeable future. We also improve your driveway after patching so that it does not look messy. Because patches are not water-resistant, we blend and seal your driveway after concrete patching so that your driveway appears as good as new and is resistant to more damage. You can even choose one of our decorative finish options to improve the look of your property with minor additions to your driveway. You can also choose the color of your driveway concrete without the additional expense of driveway replacement.

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