Repairing or replacing a driveway is an important decision homeowners must face. There can be a lot of variables to consider when looking into this choice as well as many steps to take before making a decision. How severe is the damage? Is it something that can be fixed or is it beyond repair? The cost-benefit analysis of fixing versus replacing may offer insight, but the type of material used can also factor in. Researching common driveway materials and how long they typically last can help one decide the best option for them. Repairing or replacing my driveway is an important and sometimes confusing decision, but with research, I am optimistic about achieving the best result.

When It’s Best to Repair Your Driveway

When it comes to maintaining your driveway, you may not often think about what would be the ideal time to repair any damage. The best time to put in a little elbow grease and invest in some repairs is typically when you are already planning on another home improvement project. If your driveway is looking uneven and cracked, then consider adding a new layer of asphalt or concrete during the same period of time that you are repainting your garage or replacing your roof. Rather than making the repairs one item at a time, tackling multiple projects at once can save you money down the line and make sure your home looks good inside and out!

When It’s Best to Replace Your Driveway

Having a driveway is one of the mainstays of suburban life. But when should you replace it? Existing driveways can start to wear out well before their time if proper maintenance and care are not provided. Unfilled holes, cracks, and potholes can quickly reduce the integrity of your driveway, leading to greater problems down the line such as an inability to adequately contain oil spills or snowmelt. Additionally, age also plays a factor. Generally, asphalt should be replaced after 20 years while concrete should last around 25 years. Furthermore, if draining becomes inadequate due to settled soil or otherwise, further action may be warranted even sooner. Fortunately, driveway replacement is a relatively straightforward process and costs will vary depending on the size and materials used. So don’t wait until it’s too late – keep an eye on your driveway’s condition over the years and make sure to have it repaired or replaced when needed.

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